Nyota Uhura on on Equitable Futures Signals Discussion Panel

Nyota Uhura on on Equitable Futures Signals Discussion Panel

Nyota Uhura on on Equitable Futures Signals Discussion Panel:
For Future Reference: Intersections of Futures Thinking and AfroFuturist Visioning
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Institute for the Future (IFTF), in partnership with the Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM), Zoo Labs, and Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD), seeks to weave a network of futurists, artists, thinkers, and activists to present, promote and support human-centered cultural speculative imagination, learning and design to catalyze new streams of thought towards a more inclusive and equitable society in the future.

Afrofuturism is an artistic, media-based tradition of futures thinking that has developed in parallel to IFTF’s academic methodology. Visions of AfroFutures live at the nexus of technology and ethics, and add to the capacity for building more imaginative human-centric scenarios, making future forecasts more resilient, building a path to real-world action.

While Afrofuturism involves imaginative media to envision a future where institutions and mainstream culture will support a thriving Black culture, Institute for the Future strives to expand futures thinking literacy for a world that is more empathetic and equitable.

Programming includes performances and conversations with experts and artists in the field, such as Reynaldo Anderson, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Raina de Leon, Vernon Keeve III, Ingrid LaFleur, Euneika Rogers-Sipp of SURREF, Judith Okonkwo of Imisi 3D, Karen Seneferu, and more. Enjoy music from Mino Yanci.

Institute for the Future has been the standard-bearer of Futures Thinking for the past 50 years, working in the US and across the globe on projects including restorative justice, equitable futures, speculative design, and beyond. And Bay Area scholars have worked to anchor and connect Afrofuturism with Futures Thinking literacies through game jams, forecasting methods and foresight tools created in collaboration with Institute For The Future.

For Future Reference: AfroFutures Festival—Intersections of Futures Thinking and AfroFuturist Visioning connects the creative work of AfroFuturists with IFTF’s methodologies, working together to create actionable steps toward a more equitable future. This convening will serve as a platform to catalyze leaders from both perspectives to connect, develop and generate new pathways to power.

Artwork is Traverse by Joshua Mays.

IFTF’s For Future Reference is a public event series featuring talks with influential and prominent authors, designers, artists, economists, historians, journalists, entrepreneurs, activists, technologists, community leaders, and other global change makers. To learn more about our full list of events visit our website, or subscribe to News from the Future.