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B talks about working La Toya Jackson's NYT's Best Seller

B talks about working La Toya Jackson’s NYT’s Best Seller “Starting Over” project and gives her thoughts on #LifeWithLaToya @OWNTV

“I think its great that 2 women, specifically 2 black women with midwest roots would team up. Oprah launched one of the most successful brands in entertainment, many downplay La Toya Jackson’s business savvy, but I had a chance to work with JTail when I worked “Starting Over”, her NYT’s best seller and gained valuable [...]

President Obama at Eastfield College

President Obama at Eastfield College

You never know when opportunity will present itself, so its always best to be prepared. Jihad was covering President Obama’s visit to Eastfield College in Dallas, Texas. The President entered earlier than expected taking everyone by surprise. Major news outlets were caught off guard but Jihad was ready and snapped this exclusive photo of Barack [...]