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You may know about Chairman Fred Hampton, but do you know about his house?

The #SaveTheHamptonHouse initiative is not only about protecting and restoring Chairman Fred Hampton’s childhood home– it is a fight for a space to hold important, revolutionary discussions based on real historical context. Learn more about the mission to preserve the Hampton House, Chairman Fred Hampton’s childhood home, as a landmark and community center in Chicago [...]



As a 21 year-old living in New York, Karim was targeted and arrested in 2006 by a federal task force created to investigate hip-hop acts as part of the “War on Drugs.” Following a mistrial, Karim sentenced to prison for charges related to possession of a gun and drug trafficking. Karim appealed his sentence and [...]

King BJ, Judge Joe Brown & Gavin Richard

King BJ, Judge Joe Brown & Gavin Richard is a weekly live featuring news, culture, current events political consequences and law from an unapologetic black man’s perspective. Subscribe