Deputy Chairman of the Illinois Chapter of The Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton, was born on August 30, 1948 and raised in the Chicago neighborhood of Maywood, Illinois.
In 1968, he joined The Black Panther Party (BPP), headquartered in Oakland, California. Under Chairman’s leadership programs such as The Free Breakfast Program (which fed thousands of children every week), Medical Programs, and transportation programs to get people to/from prisons to visit those held encouraged self-determination!
Ordered under the FBI program, CoIntelPro, an early morning police raid at 2337 W. Monroe Street (Chairman Fred Hampton Way) on December 4, 1969, the Chicago police opened fire, assassinating 21 year old Chairman Fred Hampton and Defense Captain Mark Clark.

Financial Details…
Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. recently obtained information detailing the Notice of Foreclosure and Sale of the Hampton property. After contact with the mortgage company, The Chairman, Black Panther Party Cubs, & Supporters initiated the campaign to Save the Hampton House Memorial Museum to spread word of the various support needed.

1. $80,000 is REQUIRED to Cease the pending Foreclosure/ Sale of this historical landmark scheduled for October 23, 2018.
2. $200,000 is REQUIRED to make necessary repairs & updates to bring the building to Code.
We must continue to work relentlessly to Save The Hampton House Memorial Museum and
PRESERVE & PROTECT the LEGACY of The Black Panther Party and Chairman Fred Hampton!

The Hampton House is located at
804 S. 17th Ave.
Maywood, IL 60153

Get Active & Involved in work of the Black Panther Party Cubs #BPPC
Please Donate In Person, Via PayPal: , OR
Please visit:

For more information contact:
B.P.P.C Chicago Office: (773) 256-9451
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