B talks about working La Toya Jackson's NYT's Best Seller

B talks about working La Toya Jackson’s NYT’s Best Seller “Starting Over” project and gives her thoughts on #LifeWithLaToya @OWNTV

“I think its great that 2 women, specifically 2 black women with midwest roots would team up. Oprah launched one of the most successful brands in entertainment, many downplay La Toya Jackson’s business savvy, but I had a chance to work with JTail when I worked “Starting Over”, her NYT’s best seller and gained valuable insight into who she is, a successful and very shrewd business woman in her own right, which says a lot when you consider she had to do this in the shadow of not one, but two famous siblings.

Shout out to Leo Rodgers for bring me in and giving me such an amazing opportunity.” – B