B on how a Facebook post led to her advising Christian Gregory on his father Civil Right's activist Dick Gregory's online presence

B on how a Facebook post led to her advising Christian Gregory on his father Civil Right’s activist Dick Gregory’s online presence

I always tell clients its not the number of friends, fans and followers you have, but reaching the right ones. Case in point, one day on Facebook I got a random page invite to like Dick Gregory’s page. Having St. Louis ties and being an admirer of Dick Gregory the man and his work for political, social and racial justice I not only clicked like, I posted the link on my page and invited friends to like it as well. Little did I know that would start a simmering discussion about the authenticity of public Facebook pages.

One friend questioned whether the admin of the page was actually Dick Gregory. I explained that Dick Gregory didn’t actually have to be the admin to be affiliated with the page… and furthermore the purpose of a Facebook page for a public person was to keep their legacy alive, share information and anything of value to people following the page. Some public people have thousands of fan sites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts… and no, they’re not affiliated with all.

Imagine my surprise when the Dick Gregory page came to my profile and liked my comment. A few moments later I received an inbox from Christian Gregory, Dick Gregory’s son thanking me for spreading the word about his new page and giving him valuable insight into Facebook pages. That was the first of many conversations I had with Christian Gregory before agreeing to consult with him and assist in expanding his father’s online presence.

I have less than 2000 Facebook friends. It isn’t about how many friends you have, its about connecting with those most receptive to your message. And you can too :-)

*If you haven’t already friend Dick Gregory on Facebook!